Monday, November 19, 2007

Why Vermont is Healthiest State

This is a follow up to the article I recently posted on my home page with Vermont earning the healthiest state in the USA in which to live honors. (see

An editorial in today’s Burlington Free Press written by Sharon Moffatt, Vermont’s Commissioner of Health, praises the great strides Vermont and Vermonters have made. However, the article suggests we can do more. Moffatt says, “We must continue to apply the all hands-on-deck public health approach to problems such as obesity, binge drinking and health disparities that exist for too many Vermonters. Obesity, on its way to displacing tobacco as the Number 1 killer, still accounts for more than $141 million in annual health care costs in our state. More than half of adults are overweight or obese, 27 percent of students in grades 8 through 12 are overweight or at risk of becoming so.”

America’s Health Rankings 2007 proves that Vermont is making smart health investments and Vermonters are making wise choices. Yet, too many of us continue to suffer from conditions that are largely preventable. Government, communities, and individuals need to make even greater health improvements - and inspire the rest of the nation to keep up.

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