Monday, November 19, 2007

Emerging Green Practices in Real Estate - My Pledge

At last, we’re getting it…

I attended several seminars back in September. The two topics were Green Home Contruction and Smart Developments. I found several things interesting. First, the enormous convention room at the Sheraton in South Burlington VT was packed with interested Realtors from all over NH and VT and the dialogue was truly fascinating. What made me sit up straight with ears straining to hear every word was the incredible opportunities to upgrade our existing homes to be more energy efficient, possibilities of building green homes that can be practically self sufficient with passive solar, geo-thermal and materials and building practices that are safer for our planet and you and me too. In the coming weeks, I pledge to make this website a more helpful resource to those of you interested in learning more about these topics. If you have ideas or suggestions as to what you’d like to see contained herein, I’d welcome your comments here at Hurd’s The Word.

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