Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Get Ready Burlington VT. Another Winter Storm Warning is upon us

I wasn't sure I'd have a dance partner for Valentine's Day this year but it looks like I do. She's going to be the same date as I had last year - My Toro Snow Blower!

Remember the stupendous Valentine's Day Blizzard of ‘07? Well, Mother Nature is cooking up the same sorta thing for this year. Perhaps not the ferocity and work that last year's date brung. But she'll be feisty nonetheless. Wind, 8-10 inches of snow expected and all the rest. She's always dressed up though in her red and black and she's noisy as all hell. I have to wear ear protection to stand it. Tempramental too! Last week, when we received another foot, she wouldn't bloody start. Pull after freakin' pull. Nothing. I was willing to pull my arm right out of its socket just to get her to start. But she just wouldn't. Shrugging my shoulders, I beckoned for my #2 dance partner, my son, for our periodic two hour Shovel and Snow Scoop Shuffle to the road. He is much quieter and funnier and not quite as smelly frankly. We always have our share of grunts, groans and laughs with each back breaking scoop.

After December's onslaught, January gave us a bit of a reprieve but the heavy snow months of February and March are upon us and staying true to form.

With all that to look forward to in the next couple days, there's something about that lovely refrain, "Winter Storm Warning." It's music to my ears really. I love storms. The weather binds us all. We love to talk about it. Watch it. Curse it. Marvel at it. Read about it. We help our neighbors. Stranded motorists. Wave at our town snowplow guys. Her fury and awesome power humbles. Indescriminate. She reminds me often who really is in charge here. I like that.

Truth be told, she's wearing me out though. I seem to be thinking of excuses to visit my sister in Sarasota more and more. Hoping she completed the guest room by now. Hmmmmmmm. I think

I better call her. Check in.

Well. Gotta go get some gas and oil and try to remember the right mixture. She's temperamental that way you know.

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