Thursday, January 24, 2013

Day Dreaming Of The Lake Champlain Bikeways Route

Burlington VT
It's snowing outside my window right now as I yearn for warmer weather and longer days...
Lake Champlain
I was daydreaming my love for cycling and the days when I was in such great shape propelled in large part by strong legs, lungs and heart. In recent years, something happened along that route that took me out of the proverbial saddle. Now that my kids are off to college and I re-evaluate my "me" time, it feels that an old friend is going to come back into my life again.
You see I LOVE riding bikes. I do. It is one of the activities I seriously enjoy. Mountain, touring, racing, tandem-ing, "latee-ing", being silly, wind in the face, errand-ing, jumping cracks in the sidewalk all of it brings me joy! Great for my health, fun seeing near and far way places, taking one's time, speeding things up, no gas, insurance and costly maintenance bills. Hell, I can actually handle much of my own maintenance for a guy who's far from being a do-it-yourself-er.
Vermont is such a great place to ride and Burlington has made great strides to continue improving upon her bicycle friendliness over the 34 years I've lived here. Inter-connected bike and recreation paths between towns has opened up all sorts of possibilities for travel incorporating bicycling into the fabric of daily life. I like this within our communities.
A few local organizations offer various ways to increase and support our love for bikes. Here are just a few:
So many people from outside Vermont look inside Vermont as a mecca for cycling and they're right. I live minutes from a bike path here in South Burlington and fully intend to consciously start using my bike more and my car less for all sorts of great reasons.
bike vt
I'm going to set a goal for the warmer months ahead too. I'd like to ride the Lake Champlain Bikeways route. This circumnavigation of Lake Champlain takes into account Vermont and New York. Meadows, farms, sleepy lanes, bridges, rivers, blooming flowers, and yes a few hills here and there but a few downhills here and there too and funky towns and people all along the way. It's been on my mind for several years now and I've managed to let it slip between my fingers. Until now!
So, I'm setting a goal to ride the entire 363 mile route this summer! I feel good already just knowing, believing and feeling my joy within. The pace will sometimes be fast, sometimes slow depending. But always at just the right pace, whatever that may be. I'd even accept a few intrepid souls to join me. Any takers? Just call or email me via my contact information that follows, so we can discuss.
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