Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Being a Green Real Estate Agent Takes on a Whole New Meaning!

Used to be if you were Green in anything, it meant you were completely lacking in experience. In 2009, that can mean very, very different things.

Last week, I took a major step forward towards “greening” my professional practice as a Realtor. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) very recently began offering a new designation. This designation, entitled “Green”, will aid Realtors who seek to understand what sustainable homes and communities look like. Terms like “Smart Growth” and features such as “walkability” become important when discussing options around sustainability. PV’s (photovoltaics) for net metering depending upon your utility and for hot water use, use of CFL’s or LED’s become integral parts of the new ”smart, green homes.” Understanding steps that can be taken to retrofit existing properties via home energy audits, thermal imaging, blower door tests and understanding Energy Star ratings go a long way towards making me a truly valuable resource for my clients.

The course began with these three words, “The New Paradigm.” Indeed, long overdue forces are conspiring to bring all of us to our collective knees.

Our historic economic collapse, rising fuel and heating costs because of dwindling supplies (peak oil), and unsustainable global issues surrounding warming & climate change & food distribution are opening up amazing opportunities. Opportunities whose time is now.

I believe Green Homes are the next major trend in home purchases and retrofits. Consumers are going to want and, in fact, demand these new features as a part of their home investment. And if a home doesn’t have energy saving features, it will lower the value and marketability of that home.

A new lexicon is unfolding. I am taking aim at understanding it, being a pivotal resource and bringing it to you.

Much, of course, is underway and there’s a whole lot more in the works. I am delighted to know that Vermont has some of the most stringent building standards when it comes to “Green Homes.”

Last Saturday, I was in a Green Home development of six homes in Hinesburg. Chuck Reiss, the builder, informed me that LEED certification came to Vermont to incorporate what Vermont had already been doing. In fact, Vermont’s standards now exceed LEEDs’. What is important to know is Vermont is in the forefront in this thinking and practice. Our walk exceeds the talk but we are not resting on our laurels. Reiss indicated that Vermont is “looking to further those standards as part of an on going process.” Yea for Vermont! The Green Mountain state. Who would have known how prophetic our state slogan would become…

I was one of 12 Realtors who attended the two day, first ever ”Green” core currliculum class last week in Montpelier being offered by NAR. One of the reasons I was so eager to take the course was it was being taught by one of the founding curriculum designers!

To my surprise, there were only 12 Realtors taking the class and seeking this new professional designation. That attendance figure represents 1% of Realtors statewide. This number will surely grow in the future. However, I am thrilled to be on the cutting edge 1% moving in this important direction now.

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Being a Green Real Estate Agent Takes on a Whole New Meaning!
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