Thursday, June 18, 2009

2009 Summer Fun List for Charlotte Vermont

The return of warm weather makes hangin' out on my front porch with its eye popping views of Lake Champlain and the Adirondack Mountains dreamy. Lazing and pondering ALL that we have to fit in before the inevitable return of YOU KNOW WHAT...

Here we go with my biased and utterly incomplete Fun List of things to do in Charlotte VT this summer. Oh, this really is THE BEST time of year in this amazing little town:

  • Wow, this little gem is worth the price of admission. Right now. Don't miss out! For the next two weeks, you have to see it to believe it. The firefly display in the meadows across from Mount Philo State Park is psychadelic. The southern 60 acre meadow at the intersection of State Park Road and Mt Philo Road is where the evening's silent fireworks display takes place. Imagine undulating waves of blinking lights acre after impossible acre. You won't regret it! (let your eyes adjust to the dark for 30 mins prior for the full affect)

  • Breakfast sandwich at the Old Brick Store and a latte on the front porch catching up with familiar faces.

  • Tennis at the town courts followed by a running plunge off the town docks into Lake Champlain

  • Rick's Barbecue Shaved Pork Sandwich for lunch at the Little Garden Market

  • Hanging on my front porch for no reason at all

  • Uncle Sam's for your dose of burger, fries, shakes and, last but absolutely not least, a cremee

  • Take your bike on the Charlotte to Essex NY ferry for a lovely ride and a meal on the NY side. Essex is alive and charming in the summer.

  • Hike up Mt Philo for the best sunset hang out around

  • Berry picking at the Charlotte Berry Farm

  • Join one of Charlotte's CSA farms (Community Supported Agriculture) for yummy, healthy, local, organic vegetables all summer

  • Pizza on a picnic table at Pizza on Earth on a warm, summer evening. Wonderful!!

  • Bicycling Charlotte's roads. Sublime.

PLEASE add your own favorites to this list by placing your comments here at Hurd's The Word. If you have questions about buying a home or property, please call me at 802.238.5256 or email me at or go to my website at Charlotte Vermont Real Estate.

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The firefly display in the meadows across from Mount Philo State Park is psychadelic.
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