Thursday, February 4, 2010

2009 Year End Foreclosure Report for Burlington Vermont Real Estate

February 4th, 2010

Burlington Vermont

Vermont continues to have the lowest foreclosures of any state in the entire United States. Recent information reported by Bloomberg BusinessWeek indicate that Vermont has suffered the least with ONLY 143 foreclosures in the entire state for all of 2009!

RealtyTrac, in its monthly report from December 2009, reported that only 6 homes in all of Chittenden County (includes 17 towns around and including Burlington VT) went into foreclosure or 1 in every 10,479 housing units.

Put another way, The Vermont Housing Finance Agency ( reported from the website that as of January 29th, 2010, Vermont had the lowest foreclosure rate in the country at 0.04% of all homes in the state. The Bloomberg article went on to report that Vermonters are avoiding the foreclosure mess in part owing to traditions of "thrift, modesty and self-reliance - bolstered by laws that protect buyers and land".

In addition, the article went on to say "state and local laws discourage the kind of speculation that spurred development in some states, said Robert Hill, executive vice president of the Vermont Association of Realtors in Montpelier. "If a site for home construction is found to be on prime agricultural soil, the project is halted. The house must be built elsewhere, other land must be purchased and put in a trust as an offset, or the builder must go to court to seek clearance," he said.

Hill continued saying, “The permitting process is extremely difficult to maneuver in Vermont.” “Any developer or builder has to make a significant investment of time and effort. You just can’t come in here and throw stuff up overnight.”

Whatever the reasons, tiny Vermont (pop. 621,270) leads the nation in a category we can be extremely grateful for. With stringent environmental and zoning laws on the books for decades supply has been kept low. This enraged developers looking to make a fast buck during the go-go years. Hill added, as a result, "demand has outstripped the supply of housing. With no surplus of homes, prices didn’t collapse (like in many other states) when buyers decreased," Hill said.

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Armed with solid numbers, buyers and sellers alike can manage their expectations and the current realities of our local market.

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