Friday, September 25, 2009

Burlington VT Ranked #1 by Children's Health Magazine

September 24th, 2009

Burlington VT

Having lived here now going on 31 years, I am always excited each time Burlington and Vermont are recognized by independent organizations for the extraordinary quality of life we are so lucky to enjoy. Over these many years, this area has been recognized on so many levels I have simply lost count. It is a great testament to the quality of the people in this state and in the Burlington area that invest themselves so wholeheartedly into making this area so vibrant and special. We are truly blessed.

Having said that, another honor has now been bestowed upon Burlington. Children's Health Magazine (CHM) has just ranked Burlington Vermont as the #1 place in the United States to raise a family. ( )

Citing school per pupil spending and graduation rates near the top in all the United States coupled with a high percentage of the population having earned advanced degrees and a high median family income level as strong indicators of overall great health and a well educated population.

Additionally, an educated population by and large also enjoys better health and Burlington seems to fit that trend as well.

CHM notes Burlington has the lowest obesity rates in the country. Having the fewest fast food restaurants per capita and possibly because of the many outdoor recreational pursuits many of its residents enjoy seasonally and the importance of local, organically produced produce, meat and poultry, The Queen City continues to blaze her path of excellence.

Congratulations Burlington!

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