Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A New Life for an Old Friend in Charlotte Vermont

The Old Brick Store is being resurrected!

Charlotters can now rejoice at the current transformation of our cherished, historic store. New owners, Carrie MacKillop and Shannon Straight, encourage anyone to stop in to see all the goings on currently underway. The space is being opened up to maximize its natural beauty - the wood floors, the brick, the big windows.

The "new" Old Brick Store will be providing all the basic staples but they'll be offering products that are both conventional or organic and sustainable. The owners hope customers will want to be informed about their food sources and the degree to which their purchases can affect global and local economies. In essence, a store with a conscience.

In addition, the intent is not to be a gourmet grocery store, though there will be some more pricey items than at say our area grocery stores. Yet, the focus will be on simplicity. Fresh vegetables for a dinner salad, local beef, chicken or pork for dinner, fresh breads, a good wine selection, baking items. The intent is to have everything one needs to make dinner, bake cookies, make lunches, bring a meal over to share with friends well, you get the idea.

We can expect to find a full espresso bar, with latees, hot chocolate, chai and teas. Local Artisan coffees, an expanded and upgraded deli, a selection of prepared soups and meals, a penny candy counter and newspapers to include the New York Times once again when the store opens! How's all that sound? If that's not enough, pizza will be available beginning this Spring. Yea!

The owners want to encourage and provide a resource for local shoppers to remain close to Charlotte to find the goods they want and need.

The Old Brick Store is seeking community support as it approaches its mid-February Grand Opening. The new owners are building a "community supported enterprise" model to garner local affinity. Supporters can provide an investment of $500 to $1,000. Debit cards in the amount of the investment plus 10% are given back to each supporter. They can use their card for up to 10% each month of their original investment.The cards never expire and members never lose any of their balance, regardless of how long it takes to use up the card. The obvious intent here is to have local supporters actually use the store.

If you would like to become a supporter/member of the Old Brick Store or just to "pitch in", call 802.425.2421 or just stop in.

Good luck!

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