Monday, December 3, 2007

Burlington Vermont Market Trends for Nov. 2007

Based upon information provided by the Northwestern Vermont Board of Realtors (NVBR) as of today for the month of November 2007, there were 16 residential units sold within Burlington Vermont with a total listed volume of $3,709,600. Divide this number by the units sold (16) and you get an average listed price of $231,850. Juxtapose this figure to the actual total sold volume of $3,372,500 then divide this number by the units sold (16) and you come up with an average sold price of $210,781.25. Are ya' having an ADD moment yet?

So, "what's up Chris?" you're asking. Well, here you are. These numbers produced a list-to-sell variance of $21,068.75 or (drum roll please) a 90.9% list to sell percentage. Average days on the market for these 16 properties was 102.75.

Armed with solid numbers, buyers and sellers alike can manage their expectations and the current realities of our local market.

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These figures include sold numbers for single family residential in Burlington Vermont only.

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